Our story

The company Ath. Roussos & Sons EU was founded in September 2009 by Athanasios Roussos, Pantelis Roussos and Manolis Roussos, headed by Pantelis Roussos, and it operates two privately owned Electrical Equipment – Lighting stores; one in Karterados, in the Agios Georgios Shopping Center and the other one in Messaria, on the road to the airport.

Our first store was opened in 1992 in Messaria by Athanasios Roussos, who had already had many years of experience in electrical installations.

This was followed by the privately owned store of Karterados, which would later be the headquarters of the company Ath. Roussos & Sons EU, having Manolis Roussos in charge.

Having taken now the reins of the newly established company in 2006, Pantelis Roussos, an experienced electrical installer, leads the company and builds the store of 600 sq.m. at the airport.

Our goal is customer satisfaction based on the growing needs of the market and the continuous monitoring of global technological developments, resulting in the supply of advanced and environmentally-friendly technological goods.

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